Photos, Certificates, News Articles, other Documents relating to the family of Edward Tivey & Sally Dolman


UNDER CONSTRUCTION if they arent linked, I havent added them yet, contact me for copies - The following are links to documentation for the people in this group - I am adding more as I find them so check back regularly for updates. If you have any documents, baptism records, certificates, photos or news articles then please get in touch.

Edward Tivey & Sally Dolman Marriage Certificate Edward Tivey (1782-1850) Death Certificate Edward Tivey & Ann Critchley (King) Marriage Certificate Edward Tivey & Ann Rutherford Marriage Sarah ELizabeth Tivey & James Forster Marriage Certificate
Edward Tivey (1804-59) Apprenticeship Papers Joseph Tivey (1809-1886) Apprenticeship Papers Joseph Tivey & Emma Davis Marriage  Certificate Alice Tivey & James Shevill Marriage Certificate John Tivey & Mary Doxon Marriage Certificate
Samuel Tivey Photo Phoebe Wilde Tivey Photo Joseph Tivey 1834-1893  Photo Alfred Tivey (1836-1883)Photo Sarah Ann Tivey (Witts) photo
Elizabeth Tivey (Thomas) Photo Margaret (Hayes) Tivey Francis Tivey (1871-1961) Photo Eliza Ann (White) Tivey Photo Maud Margaret Tivey & F S Erwin Wedding Photo
Ellen Amelia Tivey (Elliot) (1853-1946) Photo Major General (AIF) Edwin Tivey Biography Phoebe Tivey (nee Wild(e)) Death Certificate Ruby Rebecca Tivey & Samuel Green Wedding Edith Tivey  (1869-1959) Photo
Amy Violet Tivey (Photo) Ellen Myra Tivey Photo Thomas Edward Tivey Photo
Elizabeth Tivey (Thomas)and James Thomas Photo Alfred Tivey Death Certificate (1836-83)
Muriel Tivey (Windsor)
Francis Tivey & Mabel Lansdell Tivey (Elphick) Photo Annie Tivey 1862c-1899 (Harris) Photo Minnie Margaret Witts, Ellen Rose Witts & Sarah Tivey (Witts) Elfreda May Tivey and Frank Tivey Photo
Samuel Tivey 1814-1876 Death Certificate Monument of Samuel Tivey & Phoebe Wilde The Last Will of Phoebe Tivey (nee Wilde) Annie Tivey & William Herbert Harris   Marriage Certificate Ann H Tivey & Joseph D Brocklehurst Marriage Certificate
Samuel Tivey Probate Sir John Proctor Tivey Death Notice Alfred Tivey Probate Lady Lorna Violet Tivey (Henderson) Death Notice Frank Lansdell Tivey Photo
Annie Tivey (Harris) Funeral Card Barbara Mortimer Thomas Death Article 1940 James Thomas Death Notice and Article  Annie Harris (nee Tivey) Death Certificate Elizabeth Tivey (nee Smithered nee Cook) Death Notice
Sir John Proctor Tivey (Photo) Joseph Tivey Death Certificate (1834-1893) Jessie Lillian Tivey (nee White) Death Notice Francis (Frank) Tivey Death Notice 1871-1961 Mabel Lansdell Elphick Tivey Death Notice
Samuel Tivey (1850-1895) Death Certificate Allan Leslie Witts Death & Funeral  Notice Ellen Bootle (nee Thomas) Death Notice Mortimer James McMahon Death Notice Edith Clare McMahon (McDonnell) Death Notice
Phoebe Forster and Charles Molyneux Marriage Jane Forster and George Wm Gerrard Marriage Harriet Tivey & Jonas Alcock Marriage Certificate Amy-Violet-Tivey, Ellen Myra Elphick, Ruby Rebecca Green, Edith Tivey Photo Alfred Shevill & Jessie Matilda Forbes Marriage Certificate
Theodore Owen Thomas Death Notice Harold James Thomas Death Notice Sister Helen Frances McMahon Death Notice Nehemiah Mortimer Thomas Death Notice Doris Aline Balcombe nee Witts Death Notice
Neville Wilbur Alcott (Alcock) Death Notice Melba Anne Newton nee Alcock Death Notice Alfred Edward Witts Photo Edrich Leigh Witts Photo Henry Caleb Alcock, Beatrice Ralph Monument
Edwin Lawrence Alcock Death (Article) Ruby Rebecca Tivey (Green) Photo Jane Brocklehurst & William Lawless Marriage Certificate ADVERTISEMENT - E Tivey Stockbroker Melbourne  James Edward Shevill & Maria Annie Hall Marriage Certificate
Samuel Tivey & Margaret Proctor Marriage Certificate Edwin Tivey 1866-1947 Photo Tivey House at Nimmitabel, New South Wales Charles Ferdinand Witts Photo Robert Newton Elliot (Photo) Husband of Ellen A Tivey
6184 Sapper Robert Bruce Elliot Red Cross Death Inquiry (WWI) Felix Bruce Kirk and his mother Nellie Amy Elliot Felix Bruce Kirk 1922-2011 John Tivey & Catherine Cameron Marriage Certificate The Diary of Joseph Tivey, Aged 14 Voyage to Australia
James Thomas Photo Ellen Amelia Tivey & Robert Newton Elliot Marriage Certificate The Last Will & Testament of Jonas Alcock Probate & Administration Re: Jonas Alcock Harriet Alice Shevill & Robert Samuel Sargeant Marriage Certificate
Marriage of John Tivey & Mary Rigby St Silas Ardwick Portrait Major General Edwin Tivey Marriage of Charles Tivey and Jane Howard