Marriage of Harriet-Tivey-and-Jonas-Alcock


 Harriet Tivey married Jonas Alcock 1867 at her residence Moles Station Manaro, New South Wales, She was born in Nottingham, England and was a few months old when her parents and siblings emigrated to Australia. Transcription: Entry No 320 (Cert Ref: 1867/001871) 16th February 1867, at Moles Station, Manaro, Jonas Alcock, Bachelor, Occupation: Squatter, Residence Doolonandro,  Harriet Tivey Spinster, of Moles Station - Ages and Parents names omitted except for Harriet's father Samuel Tivey. Statement - The consent of Samuel Tivey, father of the Bride was given to the Marriage of Harriet Tivey; being under the age of twenty One, - 

Harriet had an illegitimate daughter Annie Tivey when she was a teenager, Jonas was much older than her and her daughter was about 4 or 5 when the marriage took place. 


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