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The following is a word for word account of Joseph Tivey, a teenager who along with his family, travelled from England on the Ship Bermondsey in 1848 to begin a new life in Australia. The spelling and grammar have not been altered in any way.
This account of the voyage to South Australia is written by Joseph Tivey, a passenger in the Ship called the Bermondsey which started from Deptford on Wendsey August 23rd 1848 at ½ past four Oclock she was toed down the Thames by the Steam Packet the Fairy and a merry crew we are dancing and singing.  There is 200 of us to say there is so many of us I never saw such good regulation in my life.  The beds are buettiful she is 600 tons Burthen.  There are fowls and pigs on Board.  We stopt at Gravesend all Night. 
Thursday  August 24th at Anchor all day at Gravesend. 
Friday August 25th still being at Anchor at Gravesend nothing of particular account.
Saturday August 26th we heaved Anchor at 3 Oclock in the Morning and we are going at a good rate. Stopt at Deal for the Night.
Sunday August 27th tremendous rough winds but we were tacking about all day but did not sail three miles.
Monday August 28th. Nothing remarkable to day.
Tuesday August 29th heaved Anchor at four Oclock and are sailing buetiful between Dover and Calais.
Wensday August 30th still sailing along the Kentish Coast.  We have been out of sight of Land Once to day but came in sight again about 4 Oclock and past Brighton at ½ past 6 Oclock, we are sailing delightfully to night.
Thursday August 31st we have been sailing fast all night, there are but 15 English on board they are all Scotch.  I have heard of sunrise at Sea I have seen it this Morning it is Grande we have been Sailing  fast all night we Sailed about 100 Miles to Night. 
Friday September 1st we have taken our Last Farewell of Old England we left it at 5 Oclock this Morning we shall not see Land again for a Long time.  We are sailing slowly. 
September 2nd.  This morning we entered the Western Ocean and are going at a good rate we have seen neither Land nor Birds this day or two.  We are sailing at a good pace to Night. 
Sunday September 3rd.  We are sailing at a extra good pace to day.
Monday September 4th.  Sailing Moderately.
Tuesday September 5th in the Morning the sea was very calm till about 10 Oclock and the wind rose and the Sea was very Boisterous the remainder part of the Day.  We sailed very fast all the Day. 
Wensday September 6th.  Sailed Slow all the Day.
Thursday September 7th. Sailed Slow all the Day.
Friday September 8th.  Sailing very  Slow all the Day.
Saturday September 9th the Sea being very calm we Sailed very Slow all the Day. 
Sunday September 10th to day there has been several Porpioses and a Shark 12 feet long.  Sailing Slowly all the Day. 
Monday September 11th Sailing faster to day.
Tuesday September 12th.  In sight of the Island of Madeira from 7 Oclock-A.M. till 4 Oclock P.M.  There is a Buetiful Bresse to Day we are sailing Delightfully to Day.
Wensday September 13th.  A strong wind and Sailing very fast all day and night.  There has been several large fishes caught to day merely by a strong hook and a piece of white rag fastened to the hook and a Strong rope.  They were cooked and were very good not much unlike Salmon. 
Thursday September 14th.  Sailing faster to Day.  Friday Septem 15th. Sailing at a good pace to day. 
Saturday Septem 16th.  We Overtook a Vessel that had been six weeks coming from London bound for Port Adelaide.  She is a very Slow Sailing Vessel.  We soon got past her. 
Sunday September 17th.  The Wind is very rough to day and a heavey Sea Sailing About 10 miles an hour and raining all day. 
Monday September 18th.  Sailing at a middleing rate to day. 
Tuesday September 19th.  In the Afternoon we saw 2 large Whales both together twas a buetiful sight to see them spirting the water into the air.  Sailing Slowly today. 
Wensday September 20th.  Sailing rather faster to day.  In sight of one of the Cape de verd Islands.  Thursday September 21st Sailing at a good pace to day.  Friday September 22nd.  Sailing at a good pace to day. 
Saturday September 23rd Sailing Slowly to day. 
Sunday September 24th.  Sailing Slowly in the Morning but in the afternoon there was heavey rain and sailing faster.
Monday Sepr 25th.  Sailing at a good pace to day. 
Tuesday Sepr 26th to day there has been a many large Porpises playing about the head of the Vessell. 
Wensday Sepr 27th. Sailing at a good pace to day.
Thursday Sepr 28th. The Same.
Friday Sepr 29th . The Same.
Saturday Sepr 30th the Same.
Sunday October 1st. Sailing Slowly to day.
Monday October 2nd.  There has been a many large porpises near the head of the Vessell  the Mate struck two of them in the Back with the harpoon one of them very bad when the last was struck they all disapered.
Tuesday October 3rd. This Morning a little girl died at 5 Oclock and was buried at 12 Oclock on the day. Sailing at a good pace to day.
Wensday October 4th. Another little girl died at 7 Oclock in the Morning and was buried at 4 Oclock in the Afternoon  at night there was a many large Grampus
near the Vessell.  Sailing rather Slower to day. 
Thursday October 5th.  Sailing at a good pace to day. 
Friday October 6th.  To day we have crossed the Line.  To night there have been a good deal of Merryment with throughing water as it is a general custum at crossing the Line.  We carried it on from about ½ past 7 till 10 Oclock almost all were wet to their Skin both Men and Women it was all done on Deck. 
Satury October 7th. Sailing at a good pace to day. 
Sunday October 8th.  The Same. 
Monday October 9th The Same.
Tuesday October 10th The Same.
Wensday Octr 11th The Same. 
Thursday Octr 12th. Rough winds and rather Squally. 
Friday Oct 13th Rough winds and very Squally. 
Saturday Octr 14th Sailing Slowly to day.
Sunday Octr 15th.  Sailing at a good pace to day. 
Monday Octr 16 The Same. 
Tuesday October 17  The Same. 
Wensday October 18  The Same. 
Thursd Octr 19th The Same. 
Friday Octr 20 Sailing at a very good pace to day.  About 6 Oclock P.M. There was a heavy Puff of wind which sent the Vessell upon her beamends but she was soon recovered again.
Saturday Octr 21st.  We have now got into the Cape Weather  it is very rough and heavey Sea   the waves almost every 2 or 3 minutes coming over the bulwarks on to the Deck.  This Morning we came in sight of a Ship but the Wind being so rough we could not speak to them. 
Sunday Octr 22 To day there are many Cape pigeons and Cape hens flying about some of them
are all black and some are black and white, the latter are very pretty. 
Monday Octr 23 About 9 Oclock A.M. The Vessell struck on a sand bank which shaked the Ship very bad and it caused a curious sensation throughout the Ship, but as she was going at a good pace it did not stop her. 
Tuesday Oct 24th.  Sailing at a good pace to day. 
Wensday Octr 25th The Same.
Thursday Octr 26th The Same. 
Friday Octr 27th The Sea is Calm to day and very little wind so we are sailing slowly to day. 
Saturday Octr 28th The Sea being calm a line was put out at the stern of the Vessell with a hook bated with a piece of Pork to caught Cape Hens.  A bird took the bate and was hauled into Vessell.  It was larger than a full grown goose  it was Measured across the wings and was 6 feet 8 inches  it was webfooted and its feathers were very thick it did not seem at all frighted at being caught when it was hauled up it was followed up to the Stern by all its other Companions  it was killed and eat and was very good. 
Sunday Octr 29th.  Sailing at a good pace to day.   
Monday Oct 30th.  The Same. 
Tuesy Oct 30th. There has been 4 Cape Peigens caught this Morning the Sea being Calm.  We are in sight of 2 Vessells one ahead of us and one astern  the one ahead of us we have been in sight of for 2 or 3 days now and then the Breese has freshened again about 7 Oclock and are sailing at a good pace still in sight of the Vessells. 
Wensday November 1st  To day there is a very heavy Sea, and have lost sight of both Vessells. 
Thursday November 2nd.  Sailing at a good pace to day.  
Friday Nover 3rd  This morning there is a Vessell ahead of us and about 12 Oclock we began to Signalise her  her name is Sarah Ann Wallace from Liverpool and we have been 4 days longer out at Sea than them  in the Afternoon we passed her and we came in sight of another Vessell. 
Saturday November 4th Very heavey Sea to day and a rough wind.  About 6 P.M. Oclock we saw 2 large Whales not many yards from the Vessell. 
Sunday November 5th.  We are in sight of a Vessell by the side of us going the same road as us but at night She got Ahead of us and got out of sight. 
Monday Novemr 7th  Another Child died this Morning and at Sunset was slung into the deep. 
Wensday November 8th.  Sailing at a good pace in the Morning but in the Afternoon and night the sea was very Calm. 
Thursday November 9th Sailing at a good pace to day.  
Friday November 10th 
Nothing remarkable not till Wensday November 13.  To day there has been a large Albatross caught with a line put out at the stern bated with a piece of pork  it was measured across the wings was 10 feet 6 inch.
Thursday November 16th today there has been 4 large Albatross caught today  there has been 9 large hooks broken the Albatross  one that was hauled up very near the Vessell and it broke the hook and got off and it was so very much fatigued it sunk in the water and was drowned. 
Friday November 17th---
Saturday November 18th ---
Sunday Novembr 19 ---
Monday November 20th to day the Sea is very Calm and we are not sailing above 2 miles to the hour. 
Tuesday November 21  the Sea being Calm we are Sailing very Slow. 
Wensday November 22  The breeze has freshened up to day and we are sailing very well.  Another Albatross has ben caught this day. 
Thursday November 23rd.  Sailing at a good pace to day.   
Friday Novr 24  Sailing at a good pace to day.  
Saturday Nover 25th The Same---
Sunday December 4th Another Child died this Morning and was buried at 4 Oclock. 
Monday December 5th. To day about 5 Oclock we entered the Straits with a fair wind. To day we have had a very heavy Sea and about 6 Oclock P.M. we had a very heavey Sea gale of Wind and had a Thunder Storm. The Sea rooling almost Mountains high. 
Tuesday December 6th  This Morning we were Surraunded by large and Small Islands or Rocks there were 7 of them.  Several of them we passed within about 50 yards it was a bueitiful sight to see them.  About 10 Oclock we lost sight of them and came in sight of another Island called hog Island lost sight of it about 11 Oclock a very heavy sea to day. Sailing at a good pace to day. 
Wensday Decr 7 To day we are sailing along the Australian Coast called Long Beach  this morning we saw the Masts of a Ship but lost sight of it again it being a misty day. 
Thursday Decr 8th.  To day we came in sight of Twofold Bay Lighthouse about 3 Oclock  we entered the Bay at 4 Oclock and a pilot came on Board and we droped Anchor about 5 Oclock and we were soon surrounded by small Boats full of men to look at us. 
Wensday December 14th Landed at Eden at Twofold Bay. Stoped at Eden all day and Night and started with the bullock drays for Maneroo we Travelled 14 Miles and stopt at Pambula for the Night

Joseph Tivey was the son of Samuel Tivey & Phoebe Wild, he was born in Derby in 1834.

Joseph  moved away from the new family home in New South Wales in the 1850’s and joined the hunt for gold in the state of Victoria. He married Tasmanian Margaret Hayes, and set up as a shopkeeper and victualler in Brooke Street Inglewood, selling food and drink to the gold prospectors. The business soon blossomed and Joseph  became quite wealthy and settled in the town where he brought up a reputed 14 children (I have so far only found records for 10 of them)

Joseph was also a Justice of the Peace in his latter years and was also Mayor of the Borough of Inglewood on several occasions.

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