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The following are links to documentation for the people in this group - I am adding more as I find them so check back regularly for updates. If you have any documents, baptism records, certificates, photos or news articles then please get in touch.
Parish Marriage of George Tivey & Sarah Oakley Baptism of Elizabeth Tivey 1796-1885 Baptism of George Tivey 1799-1884 Baptism of Rebecca Tivey 1801-1874 Baptism of James Tivey 1803-1892
Baptism of Mary Tivey 1806-1860 Baptism of Thomas Tivey 1809-1941 Baptism of Lydia Tivey 1812-1879 Baptism of Sidney Tivey 1814-1863 Baptism of William Tivey 1818-1873
Grave of Sarah Tivey nee Oakley Ada Tivey (Meredith) 1886-1964 Photo Frank Tivey & Eliza Tabberer & Famliy Photo c 1896 Sarah Ann Tivey (Whetton) 1878-1955 Photo Emily Tivey (Wibberley) 1880-1947 Photo
Alice Tivey 1882-1951 Photo Eliza Tabberer and Albert Henry Tivey Photo Nora Meredith (MacDonald) 1919-1990 Photo Emily Wibberley & Sidney Stewart Marriage Announcement 1930 Sidney Stewart Probate Notice 1960
Mary Elizabeth Underwood (Mear) Obituary 1918 Annie Quince Marriage Licence James Underwood Obituary 1946 Albert Henry Tivey
 1888-1957 Photo
Mary Cursley Marriage Announcement 1897
Samuel Underwood Obituary 1955 Samuel Underwood Grave Photo 1887-1955 Selina Underwood (Maxfield) Death Certificate Herbert Maxfield Death Certificate James Underwood Marriage License 1910 New York
James Underwood Marriage License
1913 New York
Annie Underwood Marriage License 1913 NY (Willard Doak) Marion Robinson Marriage Announcement 1935 Una Underwood (Janulis) Obituary 1954 Una Underwood & Richard Janulis Marriage License 1924 NY
Vincent Roith Born 1902 Photo Margaret Underwood (Algernon Firth) Marriage License 1925 Marion Underwood (DeNure) Obituary 1968 Richard J Janulis Obituary 1974 Vincent Eugene Roith Photo
Thomas Henry Mear Death Notice 1944 Annie Underwood (Doak) Article on Suicide 1929 Annie Underwood Doak Funeral Notice 1929 James Garfield Underwood Marriage Article 1952 Jane F Dougherty Marriage Announcement ( James Wright)
Laura Underwood Marriage Announcement (Carl Fox) Margaret Underwood (Firth) Grave Photo Nellie Crester (Underwood) Obituary 1939 Richard Janulis Death Announcement 1961 NY Willard Doak Obituary 1967
Arnold Tivey Pork Butcher Photo's Arnold Tivey Probate Notice Arnold Tivey Grave Photo (1839-1906) (Aubrey) James Swindlehurst Grave Photo 1953 Thomas J Mear Death Notice 1941
Marian Underwood Marriage Announcement Cassius DeNure Douglas DeNure Marriage Announcement Marjorie Priest Jane Greet (Underwood) Obituary Margaret Underwood News Article (Accident) 1921 Thomas Mear 1848-1940 Passport Photo
Ivy Ada Meredith and Nora Meredith Photo Tivey Family Group Photo (Unknown) c 1910 Carol Ann Carpenter (Mrs Douglas Fonda) Photo Ivy and Nora Meredith News Article 1934 Lily Wibberley and John Howard Keeling Marriage Announcement 1933
Lily Wibberley and John Howard Keeling Wedding Photo Lily Wibberley and John H Keeling Wedding in Colour Group of Unknowns thought to be Tivey/Meredith/Wilson Families of Derby c 1904 Albert James Meredith 1891-1961 Photo Eva Marshall (Swindlehurst) Grave Photo 1898-1988
Aubrey Swindlehurst Grave Photo 1895-1965 Ada Tivey (Meredith) Probate Notice 1964 Albert James Meredith Probate Notice 1961 Joseph Whetton WWI Certificate John Clement Wibberley Probate Notice 1943
Emily Tivey (Wibberley) Probate Notice The Family of Willard Doak of Ireland and USA Samuel Perry Doak 1917-1977 Obituary George Armson Underwood Republican Campaign Photo 1935 Arthur Pass Born 1852 Melbourne Photo
Last Will and Testament of Emma Tivey 1900
(Lists Pass Family)
Probate Notice for Emma Tivey (Spinster) John Henry Tivey and Phoebe Maud Tivey (Nee Osborne) Samuel Pass born 1848 Melbourne Photo The Family of Mary Wilmott (Tivey) and John Pass
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