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Photo Gallery Taken from the GRO Indexes for England and Wales - Please contact me with any corrections or queries:  Many thanks to Keith Flinders for his help in compiling these lists.
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Year Surname Given name/s Registered District
1997 TIVEY Brian May-97 Leicester
1997 TIVEY Doris Mary (Collins) Jan-97 Coalville
1997 TIVEY Ernest Feb-97 Salford
1997 TIVEY Ivy Grace (Wilkinson) Dec-97 Loughborough
1997 TIVEY Jack Apr-97 Coalville
1997 TIVEY John Sep-97 Derby
1997 TIVEY John William Apr-97 Coalville
1997 TIVEY William Charles May-97 Brentwood
1997 TIVEY William Thomas May-97 South Derbyshire
1998 TIVEY Florence (Dredge) Dec-98 Derbyshire
1998 TIVEY May Irene (Round) Mar-98 West Midlands
1998 TIVEY Ruby (Synnott) Jan-98 Wandsworth
1999 TIVEY Albert John Mar-99 Nottingham
1999 TIVEY Beryl (Eyre) Mar-99 Nottingham
1999 TIVEY David John Dec-99 Chichester
1999 TIVEY Florence May Mar-99 Daventry
1999 TIVEY Jean Ann May-99 Hackney
1999 TIVEY Peter Barry Nov-99 Derby
1999 TIVEY Thomas Henry May-99 Hackney
1999 TIVEY Violet Feb-99 Wolverhampton
2000 TIVEY Betty (Davies) Dec-00 Chester and Ellesmere Port
2000 TIVEY Charles William Aug-00 East Staffs
2000 TIVEY Elsie May-00 Derby
2000 TIVEY Elsie (Ward) Mar-00 Fleetwood and Fylde
2000 TIVEY Ernest Arthur Mar-00 Derby
2000 TIVEY Florence Annie Mar-00 Northampton
2000 TIVEY John Enoch Jun-00 Nottingham
2000 TIVEY Lily (Ashley) Jun-00 Sheffield
2000 TIVEY Lily (Bottom) Apr-00 Sheffield
2000 TIVEY Sydney May-00 Blackpool
2001 TIVEY Antony John May-01 Cambridge
2001 TIVEY Colin Pestle Sep-01 Leicester
2001 TIVEY Emily Clara Apr-01 Colchester
2001 TIVEY Enid Mary Aug-01 Chelmsford
2001 TIVEY Graham Apr-01 Newark
2001 TIVEY Margaret (Gibson) Jun-01 Bury
2001 TIVEY Pearl (Farrar) Oct-01 Wolverhampton
2001 TIVEY Victor Reginald Apr-01 Northampton
2002 TIVEY Christopher Jacques Dec-02 Erewash
2002 TIVEY Dorothy (Woodall) Jul-02 Derby
2002 TIVEY Dorothy Avena May-02 South Derbyshire
2002 TIVEY George Arthur Sep-02 East Staffs
2002 TIVEY Harry Nov-02 Sheffield
2002 TIVEY Herbert Stanley Dec-02 Derby
2003 TIVEY Edith Charlotte  (Taylor) Jan-03 Haringey
2003 TIVEY Eileen Feb-03 Mansfield
2003 TIVEY John Henry Aug-03 Basford
2003 TIVEY Lawrence Francis Mar-03 East Surrey
2003 TIVEY Marjorie Aug-03 Lewisham
2003 TIVEY Maurice Sep-55 Basford
2003 TIVEY Raymond Bernard Mar-03 Chelmsford
2003 TIVEY Ronald Aug-03 Leicester
2004 TIVEY Jaqueline Elizabeth (Martin) Dec-04 Leicester
2004 TIVEY Joan Margaret (Kilby0 Sep-04 Nottingham
2004 TIVEY Michael Ernest Jun-78 Coalville
2004 TIVEY Nellie Edith (Baylis) Feb-04 Lincolnshire
2004 TIVEY Ruby Pickett  (Wensley) Mar-04 Hackney
2004 TIVEY Sylvia May  (Baughan) Apr-04 Brent
2004 TIVEY Winifred Gertrude May-04 Derby
2005 TIVEY Alec Jul-05 East Staffs
2005 TIVEY Arthur Cecil Aug-05 Derby
2005 TIVEY John Frederick Mar-05 Bolton
2005 TIVEY Michael John Aug-05 Nottingham
2005 TIVEY Vera Emily Jan-05 Nuneaton and Bedworth