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Photo Gallery Taken from the GRO Indexes for England and Wales - Please contact me with any corrections or queries:  Many thanks to Keith Flinders for his help in compiling these lists.
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Year Surname Given name/s Registered District
1984 TIVEY Albert Arthur Jun-84 Lincoln
1984 TIVEY Annie Elizabeth  (Cooper) Jan-84 Hastings And Rother
1984 TIVEY Arthur Marson Nov-84 Derby
1984 TIVEY Bryan William May-84 Derby
1984 TIVEY Dorothea Mary (Douglas) Jul-84 Warwick And Leamington
1984 TIVEY Elizabeth (Kilburn) Apr-84 Hackney
1984 TIVEY Francis Sidney Sep-84 Derby
1984 TIVEY John Frederick Mar-84 Derby
1984 TIVEY Kathleen Sarah Jul-84 Leicestershire Central
1984 TIVEY Mabel Annie Dec-84 Wellingborough
1984 TIVEY Sidney Jan-84 Wolverhampton
1984 TIVEY Thomas Gordon Dec-84 Ilkeston
1984 TIVEY Walter Apr-84 Wolverhampton
1985 TIVEY Ada (Wright) May-85 Mansfield
1985 TIVEY Alma Peter Jul-85 Derby
1985 TIVEY Amie Louise Feb-85 Leicestershire Central
1985 TIVEY Doris Mary Jan-85 Enfield
1985 TIVEY Dorothy Gertrude (Swain) Oct-85 Hertford And Ware
1985 TIVEY Enid Emily M (Cracroft-Rice0 Dec-85 Windsor And Maidenhead
1985 TIVEY Evelyn Bertha (Marson) Nov-85 Derby
1985 TIVEY George Albert V Jun-85 Loughborough
1985 TIVEY Grace Victoria Oct-85 Waltham Forest
1985 TIVEY Leslie Apr-85 Derby
1985 TIVEY May (Dunwell) Jun-85 Wandsworth
1985 TIVEY Ottoline  (Jacobs) Feb-85 Bury St Edmunds
1985 TIVEY Patrick Oswald Aug-85 Wandsworth
1985 TIVEY Phyllis Mar-85 Loughborough
1985 TIVEY Thomas Feb-85 Bury St Edmunds
1985 TIVEY William James Aug-85 Derby
1985 TIVEY Winifred Ivy May-85 Derby
1986 TIVEY Alfred John Jun-86 East Staffs
1986 TIVEY Archibald Oct-86 Derby
1986 TIVEY Clarence Dec-86 Swadlincote
1986 TIVEY Edith (Bailey) Feb-86 Derby
1986 TIVEY Elsie May May-86 Derby
1986 TIVEY Jessie (Wheatley) Dec-86 Nottingham
1986 TIVEY Kenneth Jun-86 Sheffield
1986 TIVEY Mabel Alice (Price) Feb-86 Derby
1986 TIVEY Wilhelmina Greitje (DeKoster) Jan-86 Greenwich
1987 TIVEY Annie Elizabeth (Cooper) Jul-87 Leicestershire Central
1987 TIVEY Doreen Barbara (Rice) Aug-87 Thurrock
1987 TIVEY Guy Barton Nov-87 Derby
1987 TIVEY Laurance Jul-87 Ilkeston
1987 TIVEY Nellie  Dec-87 Derby
1987 TIVEY Nellie Ethel (Green) May-87 Stockport
1987 TIVEY Nora Elizabeth (Hick) Feb-87 Torbay
1987 TIVEY Stanley Nov-87 Torbay
1987 TIVEY Wilfred Leslie Apr-87 Derby
1988 TIVEY Dorothy Emily M (Clements) Jan-88 Brackley
1988 TIVEY Frederick John May-88 Hull
1988 TIVEY George John Feb-88 Hackney
1988 TIVEY Gladys (Moore) Jun-88 Derby
1988 TIVEY Isaac Aug-88 Leicestershire Central
1988 TIVEY Thomas Edward Dec-88 Leicestershire Central
1989 TIVEY Douglas William Jun-89 Kettering
1989 TIVEY Elizabeth Jane (Eades) Sep-89 Chesterfield
1989 TIVEY Fanny Amelia Dec-89 Wolverhampton
1989 TIVEY Frederick Charles Sep-89 Nottingham
1989 TIVEY George William P Feb-89 Derby
1989 TIVEY Hilda (Wood) Apr-89 Hull
1989 TIVEY Josephine Allen (Strong) Dec-89 Derby
1989 TIVEY William Albert Aug-89 Hackney
1990 TIVEY Blanche (Brindley) Aug-90 Preston and South Ribble
1990 TIVEY Dorothy Campbell Mar-90 Surrey Northern
1990 TIVEY Ernest Mar-90 Louth
1990 TIVEY Gladys (Tivey) Apr-90 Dudley
1990 TIVEY Harry Dec-90 Wolverhampton
1990 TIVEY James Robert Oct-90 Enfield
1990 TIVEY Joan Elizabeth (Wilcox) Sep-90 Coalville
1990 TIVEY Ronald Thomas Mar-90 Coventry
1991 TIVEY Alfred Mar-91 Derby
1991 TIVEY Cyril George Sep-91 Kidderminster
1991 TIVEY Dennis Henry Oct-91 Derby
1991 TIVEY Edna Elizabeth (Woolley) Jun-91 Wolverhampton
1991 TIVEY Emma Aug-91 Sheffield
1991 TIVEY Frederick Vincent May-91 Northampton
1991 TIVEY George Jul-91 Derby
1991 TIVEY Gladys May (Palmer) Jan-91 Derby
1991 TIVEY Gwendoline (Heath) Dec-91 Derby
1991 TIVEY Irene (?) May-91 Market Harborough
1991 TIVEY Lilian Madge (Birke) Mar-91 North Shropshire
1991 TIVEY Mary Ann Oct-91 Loughborough
1991 TIVEY Philip Ascot Sep-91 Bournemouth
1991 TIVEY Sylvia (Richards) Jan-91 Market Harborough
1992 TIVEY Emily Bessie (Degenhard ?) Oct-92 Hackney
1992 TIVEY John Albert Oct-92 Hackney
1992 TIVEY John Henry Sep-92 Derby
1992 TIVEY Kate Elizabeth (Collyer) Aug-92 Derby
1992 TIVEY Kenneth Sidney Oct-92 Wolverhampton
1992 TIVEY Lillian Margaret Feb-92 Thurrock
1992 TIVEY Lucy Kathleen (Davenport) Sep-92 Coalville
1992 TIVEY Marguerite Mary Aug-92 Hackney
1992 TIVEY Mary Elizabeth (Grice) Apr-92 Coalville
1992 TIVEY Raymond Jun-92 South East Hampshire
1992 TIVEY Rita June (Smith) Jan-92 Northampton
1992 TIVEY Wallace Apr-92 Coalville
1993 TIVEY Cameron James Jun-93 Nottingham
1993 TIVEY Gladys Evelyn (Button) Apr-93 Ilkeston
1993 TIVEY Joyce Jul-93 Nottingham
1993 TIVEY Louis Berkley Nov-93 Harrow
1993 TIVEY Oswald Dec-93 Derby
1993 TIVEY Raymond Michael Sep-93 Wandsworth
1994 TIVEY Alfred William Jan-94 Chesterfield
1994 TIVEY Daisy Beatrice  (Croker) Dec-94 Brent
1994 TIVEY Doris May Jun-94 Blackpool and Fylde
1994 TIVEY Jessica Houghton Aug-94 Derby
1994 TIVEY Joan (Clark) Mar-94 Manchester
1994 TIVEY Richard Charles Jan-94 Waltham Forest
1994 TIVEY Susan Anne (Heat) Jan-94 Tower Hamlets
1994 TIVEY Victoria Louise Aug-94 Peterborough
1995 TIVEY Dennis Edwin Apr-95 Derby
1995 TIVEY George Reginald C Jan-95 Coalville
1995 TIVEY Marshall Aug-95 Swadlincote
1996 TIVEY Alfred Leslie Dec-96 Lincoln
1996 TIVEY Alys Sheila Dec-96 Derby
1996 TIVEY Edward May-96 Mansfield
1996 TIVEY Ernest Nov-96 Derby
1996 TIVEY Grace Dorothy (Mutton) May-96 Nottingham
1996 TIVEY Mabel Sophia (Poxon) Jan-96 Derby
1996 TIVEY Patricia (Bestwick) Nov-96 Loughborough
1996 TIVEY Raymond Frederick Feb-96 Nottingham
1996 TIVEY Richard William Dec-96 Bury St Edmunds
1996 TIVEY Sydney Jun-96 Coalville
1996 TIVEY Sydney James Jan-96 Chester and Ellesmere Port