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Albert Tivey Born 1870 In Carlton Nottinghamshire, Father of Albert James Garnet, Maurice Henry, Florence Tryphena, Arthur and Kathleen Mary (Group 8)
Alfred John Tivey Born 1846 in Melbourne Derbyshire, Died 1936 in Northamptonshire (Group 2)
Charles Tivey Born 1837 Sheffield, Yorks, the son of Thomas Tivey and Ann Simms (Now Group 4). This branch were originally Melbourne, Derbyshire Tivey's - Thomas was apprenticed out to a spoon maker at a young age, then moved on to  Sheffield were the major Spoon and fork manufacturers hailed from. Charles died 1882.
Emma Tivey Born 1836 in Melbourne, the daughter of Thomas Tivey and Mary Willmott who later married John Pass, hence the Pass family, her half siblings being named in the Will (Group 1)
Maria Tivey (nee Marsden) Born 1851 in Wirksworth, the daughter of Daniel and Ellen Marsden, she married Thomas Tivey of Group 12, no issue. The Will names her brother and mother (then Ellen Malpas) as beneficiaries
Phoebe Tivey (nee Wilde, NSW, Australia) Phoebe was formerly Phoebe Wild(e) she married Samuel Tivey in Derby 1833, They emigrated in 1848 to New South Wales, Australia (Group 3)
Sidney Tivey (Group 2) 1832-1906 Sidney was born 1832 in Melbourne, Derbyshire to parents Edward Tivey and Elizabeth Peach.  By the time of his death he was a well-known  boot-manufacturer and owned a factory on South Street in Melbourne. He married Mary Cooper of Breedon in 1851  and 8 children followed - five boys and three girls
Thomas Tivey (Group 6) 1811-1892 Thomas was born in Staunton Harold in  Leicestershire. He was the son of Ann Edwards and John Tivey. He married Elizabeth Wardle in 1835 and had 8 children in total. He was a farmer by trade and died at his farm in Osgathorpe.
William Wardle Tivey William was born 1853 in Worthington, Leicestershire, married Elizabeth Ann Allen (Group 6) He wa sthe son of Thomas (1811-1896)
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