Tivey Family Genealogy - Marriages


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James Tivey & Alice Pell, at Wormley, Hertfordshire, 1794

James Tivey & Emily Thomas, St James Westminster, London, 1867

James Tivey & Mary Bird, St Matthew's Church,  Worthington, Leicestershire

James Tivey & Mary Elliott, General Baptist Chapel, Melbourne, 1846

James Henry Tivey & Elizabeth Davies, St Philip's Church, Stepney, London

James Robert Tivey & Catherine Montgomery nee Webb, St Gabriel's Bromley

Jane Tivey & Albert Andrews St Michael's Church Melbourne, Derbyshire 1873

Jane Tivey & Arthur Todd, Abbey Hey St George, Lancashire, 1917

Jane Tivey & Benjamin Hill, St Mary the Virgin, Norwood Green, Ealing

Jane Tivey (Hadden)  & Charles Caurah, Shepshed (Sheepshead) 1857

Jane Tivey & Frederick Wedd, Tutbury Parish Church, 1879

Jane Tivey & John Caine, St Dunstan's & All Saints, Stepney, London  1822

Jane Tivey & John Hadden, Shepshed 1851, Jane later married Charles Caurah

Jane Tivey & John Wood, St Paul's Church, Burton on Trent, 1895

Jane Tivey & Samuel Jackson, St Peter's Church, Derby, 1840

Jane Tivey & Thomas Ashmole, Melbourne, Derbyshire, 1770

Jane Tivey & William Bladon, Rolleston, Staffordshire 1853

Jemima Tivey & James Hulse, St Michael's Church, Melbourne, 1855

Jessie Tivey & Herbert George Smith, Chertsey Registry Office 1932

John Tivey & Ada Brooks, United Methodist Church, Carlton, Nottingham

John Tivey & Catherine Cameron, Glasgow, Scotland, 1859

John Tivey & Catherine Vernon, St Michael's Church, Melbourne, 1852

John Tivey & Eliza Flinders, St Alkmund, Derby, 1864

John Tivey & Elizabeth Cook St Michael's Church, Melbourne, Derbyshire 1884

John Tivey & Elizabeth Evans, St Ann's Church, Soho, Westminster, 1801

John Tivey & Harriet Reynolds, St Paul's Church, Derby, 1894

John Tivey & Mary Doxon, St Paul's Stayley, Cheshire, 1852

John Tivey & Mary Jane Rigby, St Silas Parish Church Ardwick, 1887

John Bailey Tivey & Mary Emma Jacques, Melbourne St Michael's, 1907

Joseph Tivey & Catherine Ward, St George's Church, Sheffield, 1867

Joseph Tivey & Emma Davis, St Bartholomew's Church, Edgbaston 1839

Joseph Tivey & Mary Reestone, Wheldrake, Yorkshire, 1817

Joseph Tivey & Sarah Bird, St Michael's Church, Melbourne, Derbyshire 1841

Joseph Tivey & Sarah Frogson, Swanwick St Andrew's, Derbyshire 1866

Lavinia Tivey & George Straw, Gedling Parish Church, Nottinghamshire 1874

Lawrence Tivey & Jessie Wheatley, General Baptist, Melbourne, 1934

Leonard Tivey & Elizabeth Marson, St Michael's Church, Melbourne, 1893

Lena Tivey & Felix "Billy" Dionne, Lynn, Massachusettes, USA, 1909

Lewis Albert Tivey & Elizabeth Mary Done, St John's, Wednesbury 1893

Lily (Lillie) Tivey & Harry Woodiwiss,  Sheffield St Silas, 1889

Lizetta Tivey & Joseph Newbold, St Michael's Church, Melbourne, 1878

Lizetta Tivey & William Iliffe, St Michael's Church, Melbourne, 1899

Louisa Tivey & Francis Peace, St Michael's Church, Melbourne, 1872

Louisa Tivey and Frederick George Pimm, St Peter's Church, Derby 1885

Lucy Tivey & Francis William Boss, St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney 1883

Lucy Tivey & William Edward Checkley, Carlton-in-the-Willows, Nottingham

Lydia Tivey & John Shorthouse, Duffield, Derbyshire, 1865

Lydia Tivey & Robert Broadbent, Sheffield Parish Church, 18 May 1858

Margaret Ellen Tivey & William Lewis Ball, Wolverhampton Wesleyan 1895

Maria Tivey & Ernest Arthur Brown, Nottingham Congregational Church 1901

Maria Tivey and James Hall, Glossop Parish Church, Derbyshire, 1858

Maria Tivey & James Pass, St Michael's Church, Melbourne, Derbyshire 1843

Martha Tivey & John William Brierley, Alder Hey St George's, Lancashire

Martha Tivey & Joseph William Donkin, Poplar St John's Church, London 1896

Martha Ann Tivey & Thomas William Newall, St John's Church, Manchester

Martha Ann (Newall) Tivey & Luke Garlick, Christ Church, Bradford, Lancs

Mary Tivey & Aaron Bonser Ball, Castle Gate Congrational Church, 1902

Mary Tivey & Albert Wood, Sheffield St Silas, 1870

Mary Tivey & John Dent, at  Rolleston Staffordshire, 1857

Mary Tivey nee Wilmot and John Pass, St Peter's Church, Derby 1843

Mary Tivey & John Pilkington, Melbourne Parish Church, Derbyshire 1777

Mary Tivey & Josiah Hall, of Heather, Leicestershire, 1846

Mary Tivey & Joseph Wheeldon, United Methodist Free Church, Burton, Staffs

Mary Tivey & Joseph Wilkins, St Helen's Church, Ashby de la Zouch, Leics

Mary Tivey (nee Frame) & Mortimer Murphy, St Mary's Islington, London 1838

Mary Tivey & Reuben Oliver, St John's Church, Cardiff, Wales, 1863

Mary Tivey & William Bonsall, St Michael's Church, Melbourne, Derbyshire 1856

Mary Tivey & William Fairbrother, St Peter's Church, Derby, Derbyshire 1827

Mary Tivey & William Scott, at Wormley Parish Church, Hertfordshire, 1827

Mary Ann Tivey & George Dunnicliff, Melbourne Baptist Church 1861

Mary Ann Tivey & Herbert John Slater, St Gabriel's Church, Bromely, 1902

Mary Ann Tivey & James Beal St Paul's Shadwell, Tower Hamlets, London 1865

Mary Ann Wortley nee Tivey & John Dexter, Shepshed, Leicestershire 1847

Mary Ann Tivey & John Garratt, St Michael's Church, Melbourne, 1851

Mary Ann Tivey & Samuel William Mee, St Stephen's Church, Bow, 1863

Mary Ann Tivey & Thomas Wortley, Shepshed Parish Church, 1844

Mary Elizabeth Tivey & Ernest John Waterman, St John's Camden, 1906

Mary Elizabeth Tivey & Frederick Kirkby, Coalville Parish Church, 1916

Matthew Henry Tivey & Eliza Jane Leaper, Gedling Parish Church, 1881

Maud Carter Tivey & Thomas William Walker, Hugglescote Baptist, 1933

Phoebe Tivey & Walter Skinner, St James the Great, Bethnal Green, 1871

Philip Tivey & Sarah Hall St Michael's Church, Melbourne, Derbyshire 1886

Priscilla Tivey (Nee Haywood) & Florance McCarthy Stratford le Bow London

Raymond Tivey & Josephine Allen Strong, Melbourne G B Chapel, 1924

Reginald Tivey & Jessica Houghton Tivey, General Baptist Chapel, Melbourne

Reuben Tivey & Sarah Ann Thompson, St Michael's Melbourne,1882

Richard Charles Tivey & Jane Bessie Hilton, St Mark's Victoria Park, 1912

Richard William Tivey & Eliza Calladine, Packington, Leicestershire 1883

Richard Evans Tivey & Priscilla Haywood, St Dunstan's & All Saints Stepney

Robert Tivey & Louisa Salter, St Thomas Church, Stepney, London 1858

Robert Tivey & Mary Barker, St Mary's, Stratford le Bow, London 1836


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