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Marriage of Mary-Tivey and William-Fairbrother at Derby St Peter's


Mary Tivey married William Fairbrother at St Peter's Church, Derby, 8th June 1827. Mary was the daughter of Catherine Dent and Thomas Tivey. She was born 1802 in Melbourne, Derbyshire. The witnesses to the marriage were Mary's brother William and Sarah Jackson who married William a few years later. In 1826 she gave birth to an illegitimate son Frederick - the father was named by Mary as William Elliott. Months later she married her cousin William Fairbrother, a relative of her grandmother Mary Fairbrother (grandfather was Edward Tivey) Frederick took the Fairbrother name. Mary and William had several  other children Thomas Fairbrother  b 1830, Catherine Fairbrother 1832 (Sylvester) Richard Fairbrother 1834, Mary Fairbrother 1837, Henry Fairbrother 1841, James Fairbrother 1843, George Fairbrother 1845 and Elizabeth who was born in 1850 - the same year her mother passed away.

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