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Marriage of Mary-Tivey and John-Pass at Derby St Peter's


Mary Tivey married John Pass at St Peter's Church, Derby in 1843. She was named Mary Wilmot at birth - her first husband was Thomas Tivey. They are of Group 1. Mary and Thomas had two children Emma Tivey and Arnold Tivey who was the town Butcher. After Thomas' death  she married John Pass and had several more children - Jeffrey Pass (who later changed his name to John Pass) Fanny Pass, Bessy Pass (Webster) Samuel Pass (twin of Bessy) who married Amanada Moll, daughter of Sarah Tivey (Moll) of Group 9; and Arthur Pass. Emma Tivey, who died a spinster in 1900,  left a detailed Will which included all half-siblings and some of their offspring

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