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Elizabeth-Tivey-of-Melbourne-Father-Edward-Bottomer-Bastardy Order

Know all Men by these Present That we Edward Bottomer of Leicester in the County of Leicester Wire Worker, Richard Bottomer of the Borough of Leicester in the said County of Leicester  Framework Knitter and William Bottomer of the same place frame maker are jointly held and firmly bound to George Banton and John Briggs the younger, Church wardens and James Moss and Thomas Hollingworth the Elder, Overseers of the Poor in the parish of Melbourne in the   County of Derby  in the sum of sixty pounds of Good and Lawful Money of Great Britain To be paid to the said George Banton, John Briggs, James Moss and Thomas Hollingworth or their certain, Attorney Executors, Administrators or Assigns for the true payment whereof  we bind ourselves and each of us bindeth himself for and in the Whole our and each Heirs, Executors and Administrators and every of them firmly by their Presents Sealed with our Seals Dated this Fourth day of June in the fifty second year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of great Britain and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith  and in the Year of our Lord One Thousand eight hundred and Twelve.

 Whereas Elizabeth Tivey of Melbourne aforesaid Singlewoman have lately been  delivered in the said Parish of a female Bastard Child which Child is now actually chargeable to the same Parish of Melbourne. And hath in and by her voluntary examination taken in writing upon Oath before Richard Forester Foresters Doctor of Physic, one of his Majesty’s Justices of the Peace in and for the said County of Derby hath declared the above bounder Edward Bottomer with being the putative father of the said Child to which charge he hath submitted. And whereas the said Edward Bottomer hath agreed to pay the above named George Banton John Briggs James Moss and Thomas Hollingworth and their successors for the time being the sum of one pound and five shillings for or towards the expenses of the said Elizabeth Tivey for months lying in and the further sum of two shillings a week during so long a time as the said Child shall remain chargeable to the said Parish for and towards the maintenance of the said  Child to commence from the end of one month from the day of the birth of the said child  and during so long a time as  the said child shall be chargeable to the said parish of Melbourne and for the due payment of which said sums of money the said Richard Bottomer and William Bottomer have agreed to become surety by entering into the above written obligation   is such that if the above bounder Edward Bottomer Richard Bottomer and William Bottomer any or  their heirs executors or administrators or any of them do and shall well and truly pay or cause to be paid unto the said George Banton, John Briggs, James Moss and Thomas Hollingworth  or their successors  Church wardens and Overseers of the poor of the Parish of Melbourne for the time being  the sum of one pound  and five shillings   for on towards the  said Elizabeth Tivey’s months lying in and also the further sum of  two  shillings   weekly and on Saturday in every week the first payment to be made on the first Saturday  which shall happen after the said Child shall be  chargeable to the said Parish of Melbourne then  the above written obligation to be  void and of no effect or otherwise to remain in full force and virtue;

Sealed and delivered  it being first duly stamped in the presence of  Edwd Bottomer, Rd Bottomer  the mark and seal of  x by his mark  William Bottomer;  The  Seal of Wm Robertson, Clerk to Mr Whiston, Derby

The child in question was named Maria, she was  apprenticed out to Henry Fisher of Tipton Staffordshire in 1822 by the overseers of the poor. Her mother Elizabeth may have either married Joseph Beresford in 1812 or may have died unmarried in the 1820's.
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