Marriage of Harold-Tivey-and-May-Dunwell


Harold-Tivey-and-May-Dunwell-Marriage-CertificateHarold is from Group 20 the son of  Tom Brown Tivey (1862-1932) and Louisa Teresa Prince (1859-1945). he was the Brother of Reginald Tivey and Tom Brown Tivey Junior, Ida Evelyn Tivey (Main) and Gladys Tivey (wife of Harry Morris Tivey).

He was a school teacher in Yorkshire when he met May and lodged with her mother in 1911 in Worsborough Dale near Barnsley.  Later he became an accountant. At the time of the breakout of WWI he was in Belgium and was arrested by the Germans and taken to a prison camp.


He wrote music and poetry and short reviews whilst a prisoner of war, his brother Tom was also literally talented publishing several novels.


May and Harold didnt have any children of their own and lived in London, Cheshire, Staffordshire and Yorkshire along the way.


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