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The following article appeared in the Burton Mail, 1st December 1904, Page 2, Column 4. Sidney was the son of William Tivey and Jessie Faulkner of Group 6. Many thanks to Sue Corner for sending me this article.


Sidney Herbert Tivey, the four year old son of William and Jessie Tivey, of 23 Wood Street died yesterday from the result of shocking burns sustained on Sunday.

At 7am on Sunday the deceased and his eldest sister, aged 11 years, went downstairs to light the kitchen fire, the parents remaining in bed.

A few minutes later the parents heard the children screaming, and immediately ran downstairs and foundthe boy, who was in his nightdress, enveloped in flames. These were as quickly as possible extinguished when medical aid was summoned.

Dr Frotween soon arrived and dressed the burns which extended all over the body,face,arms and legs. The child suffered greatly from shock, from which he never rallied and died yesterday. It is supposed that the flames from the fire caught the child's night dress.
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