Marriage of Henry-Tivey-and-Ellen-Johnson


 1989 Marriage solemnized at The parish church in the parish of St Lukes Derby  in the County of Derbyr. Entry No 151, April 21st 1889, Henry Tivey, Aged 26, Bachelor, Labourer, of 142 Stockbrook Lane, Granfather  George Tivey   Silk Stocking Weaver,  Ellen Johnson, Aged 21, Spinster, Servant of 142 Stockbrook Lane, Daughter of Charles Johnson, Labourer;  Henry signed by his mark x, witnesses Joseph and Hannah Dodgeson, marriage after Banns

Henry is from Group 5,  the son of  Hannah Tivey, father unknown, his grandfather was George Tivey,  his second wife was Margaret Pye nee Smith (1920)


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