Marriage of Flora-Winifred-Tivey-and-Johann-Luckman Victoria Aus

Flora-Winifred-Tivey-Johann-Luehmann-Marriage.jpgMarriage solemnized In the Colony of Victoria (Australia)  Entry No 584 June 4 1881, Johann Georg Luckmann (or Luehmann) Bachelor Born ??? Hannover, Clerk, Aged 38 of South Garra ? Son of Johann Christian Luehmann, Farmer and Anna Luheman: Dora Winifred Tivey, Spinster, Born Pimlico (London Westminster district ?) England. Aged 27 of ?. Its so hard to read and decipher!!!!  CLICK HERE FOR LARGER IMAGE

This lady is a complete mystery to me so if anyone has any further information It is very welcome; From other information in Australian indexes I gather her name was actually Flora Winifred Tivey,  she MAY have been married to a Gustave Francis (George or Frank) PETERSON/PETERSEN  around 1872 and had children Florance (Flora Alice) Peterson 1874-75, Arthur Francis Peterson born 1875, George Victor Peterson 1877, Edith Florence Peterson 1878,  She then married Johan Luckman also listed as Johann George Lueman/Luehmann a Prussian national who I am led to believe was a botanist and remarried after Flora's death in 1882.  The children may have taken their step father's name as they were very young when Flora/Dora remarried.

So if anyone has further information on a Flora Winifred Tivey or Dora Tivey who was born in London England (Pimlico) and moved to Australia and married a Gustave Peterson then a Johan Luehmann or Luckman/Luckmann then please get in touch - Im intrigued :)

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